tuning fork density

tuning fork density

Product introduction
RK086  Insert type tuning fork density
Measurement range

0.000 - 3.000 g/cm

30.000 - 3000 kg/cm3

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Operational principle
RK086  Insert type tuning fork density meter is designed according to the theory of resonance. The vibration components is similar to two teeth of the tuning fork, the fork body vibration because of a piezoelectric crystal was located in the root of tooth, vibration frequency is detected by a piezoelectric crystal , through shifting the phase and amplifying circuit, the fork body is stable in the natural resonant frequency.
When the liquid flows through the fork body, vibration changes, caused the change of resonant frequency, thus through electronic processing unit to calculate accurate density value. The relationship between vibration frequency and density as:
Insert type tuning fork density meter has been widely used in industrial field, it is not afraid of hanging, not afraid of the impact, high sensitivity. It using tuning fork "resonance" principle, piezoelectric element is electrically driven by vibration, only probe rod surrounded by material surrounded by the amplitude of vibration is sharply reduced, resulting in switching action.
   In the formula:  ρ--liquid density                        
                           T--vibration period of sensor output                                             
                           K0,K1,K2--sensor’s constant, it is calibrated at the factory

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